Replacing camping tent poles

If you've ever broken a tent pole then you'll be more than aware of just how much of a frustrating experience it can be, especially if you were at the camp site when it happened.

Unfortunately, there's no quick and easy solution, as tents rarely come with a set of spare tent poles. This leaves you with a few options to consider.

Providing that the tent pole was damaged through no fault of your own, the first thing that you should do is to check to see whether the warranty on the tent is still valid. If it is then the manufacturer will usually offer to replace or repair the pole for you free of charge.

If your warranty has expired then you will have a big decision to make, should you replace the entire tent or just the broken pole. Replacing the entire tent can work out very expensive, but could prove cost effective in the long run if your tent is in poor condition or is already overdue an upgrade.

Replacing a broken pole will always work out much cheaper than replacing the whole tent. Knowing where to shop can often save you a lot of money too, ideally you should be able to buy replacement tent poles for just a few pounds. Try looking on both eBay and Amazon, surprisingly they both list a wide range of branded and universal tent poles.

Sadly, replacement tent poles do not adopt the "one size fits all" approach, so before make your purchase it is important that you've gathered as much information about your tent and the broken pole as possible. You will need to note the length, and measure the diameter of the tent pole. You will also need to determine whether you are to purchase replacement aluminium tent poles or replacement fibreglass tent poles.

The final option to consider is to repair the broken tent pole. This is not always the best option, as you will never be able to return the product to the condition that it once was, although if it is not possible to purchase a replacement tent pole and a repair is your only option, then we would suggest that you refer to our guide for repairing a broken tent pole.